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Spelt Dark

Crafted From our exhaustive research into natural fermentation processes, we have unlocked Nature’s most ancient and fascinating food.

Pasta Fermentata is a revolutionary new culinary experience with exceptional flavour, superior texture and digestive properties.

All gluten-grains like wheat, rye, spelt and Kamut®, must include a fermentation process which initiates the breakdown of the gluten in advance of human consumption.

It is not the grain’s fault, but the modern way these grains are under-prepared prior to consumption - that makes the difference.

Spelt Dark Nutrition

Durum Semolina Flour,
Organic Whole Grain Spelt Flour,
Natural Spring Water,
Natural Sourdough Culture,
Virgin Olive Oil.

Farine Semoule Durum,
Farine D`Épeautre Complete Organique,
Eau De Source Normale,
Levain De Normale Culture,
Huile D'Olivé Vierge.



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Spelt Dark
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Spelt Flour

Certified Organic Dark Spelt Flour: Spelt (Triticum aestivum subsp. spelta) is closely related to wheat, and became an essential staple for people in Europe during 3200 BC and is now used on a worldwide scale. It goes by different names such as Dinkel (German) and Farro (Italian) because of its important in Europe. Spelt acts as a substitute to wheat and contains less gluten in it, allowing many with wheat sensitivities to tolerate it. It can be a challenged to bake with spelt, as the final product often looks different than expected. Spelt is high in manganese and also contains niacin, copper, phosphorus, protein and fiber. Dark spelt retains the bran, germ and endosperm of the grain, giving it a speckled dark completion compared to clear spelt.

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