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Price Group A
  • Classic MaccheroniClassic Maccheroni
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    Price: $6.00 ea Quantity:

    Semolina & Classic Maccheroni

    Classic Maccheroni Elicoidali: This is another combination of Semolina and Certified Organic White Flour, with an alternative shape. This hollow, slightly twisted tubular pasta is enjoyable in a casserole, as well as with any thicker, chunkier sauce—a mushroom-artichoke bolognaise, for example.
  • Classic RadiatoriClassic Radiatori
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    Price: $6.00 ea Quantity:

    Semolina & Classic Radiatori

    Classic Radiatori: Made from Semolina and Certified Organic White Flour, this pasta is closest to a classic Italian pasta. The shape of this pasta is most commonly known as radiatori, but kids might like its alias: ‘dinosaur bones’. It has a curved body with ribbed edges on the outside that increase the surface area, and in turn increases the amount of sauce that can be absorbed by each noodle. This pasta is best served with a thick cream or tomato-based sauce.
  • Classic RotiniClassic Rotini
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    Price: $6.00 ea Quantity:

    Classic Rotini

    Classic Rotini: This is a new version of our classic line, featuring the ever-popular rotini noodle. Great for chunky sauces.
  • RyeRye
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    Price: $6.00 ea Quantity:


    Rye - Maccheroni: The Semolina Flour and Certified Organic Rye Flour mix create a distinct rugged edge to this straight tube shaped pasta. The roughness allows something like your almond and dill cream sauce to adhere to the noodle better. This is a hardy and very filling pasta.
  • Whole WheatWhole Wheat
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    Price: $6.00 ea Quantity:

    Whole Wheat

    Whole Wheat - RotiniThis popular pasta is made with Semolina Flour and Certified Organic Whole Wheat Flour. The large, twisted shape emphasises the whole grain texture that the two flours present. Being a hardier and more filling pasta, it is a fun addition to any vegetable stir-fry.
Price Group B
  • Semolina and Spelt DarkSpelt Dark
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    Price: $7.00 ea Quantity:

    Spelt Dark

    Spelt Dark - Maccheroni: Much like the Certified Organic Whole Wheat and Rye Flours, the Certified Organic Spelt Dark Flour is another hardy flavour to compliment any meal. The small dark flecks in this tube noodle are the bran, germ, and endosperm of the spelt grain, which are retained in the flour. It also has the sauce-soaking rugged exterior.
  • Semolina and MilletSemolina and Millet
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    Price: $7.00 ea Quantity:


    Millet - Fusilli: The Semolina and Certified Organic Millet Flour pasta is small, spiral shaped, and short-cut. Due to Millet’s alkaline nature, it is a non-acid forming food and matching this pasta with a generously vegetabled soup or in a noodle salad is a treat.
  • Semolina and KamutKamut
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    Price: $7.00 ea Quantity:


    Kamut® - Fusilli:The Certified Organic Kamut® Flour adds a distinct nutty flavour to this twisted tube pasta. This pasta is smooth in texture, and well suited for a classic Mac-n-Cheese dish or a delicious steak.
  • KamutKamut
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    Price: $7.00 ea Quantity:


    Barley - Spirali:The natural sourdough fermentation process opens up the handsome grey colour of the Semolina and Certified Organic Barley Flour combination. This is a short-cut, twisted pasta with a bold flavour. Pair this with an asiago/gorgonzola walnut cream sauce for some real fun
Price Group C
  • Semolina and BuckwheatBuckwheat
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    Price: $8.00 ea Quantity:


    Buckwheat - Rotini:The defined curve of the rotini shape exposes the blue outer whole grain hull of the Certified Organic Buckwheat flour. This amplifies the high nutritional value this flour has. The darker colours of this pasta are fun to work with: red wine and roasted Portobello mushroom sauce, anyone?
  • Spelt ClearSpelt Clear
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    Price: $8.00 ea Quantity:

    Spelt Clear

    Spelt Clear - Fusilli:The Semolina and Certified Organic Spelt Clear Flour combination creates a soft colour and smooth texture to each twist of pasta, similar to traditional Italian Pastas. Spelt flour is non-glutinous and prepared with the natural sourdough bacterial culture this pasta makes a delicious combination.
  • QuinoaQuinoa
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    Price: $8.00 ea Quantity:


    Quinoa - Rotini:Semolina and Certified Organic Quinoa Flour is a specialty in itself as the flavour of this grain is vastly intensified when combined with the natural sourdough bacteria culture. This awesomely flavourful pasta is one of our more unique and exotic combinations, and warrants a special occasion to celebrate.
  • AmaranthAmaranth
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    Price: $8.00 ea Quantity:


    Amaranth - Spirali: The Certified Organic Amaranth Flour also has a strong, unique flavor that is emphasized through the sourdough bacterial culture. If you are up for trying something new, Amaranth would be best. Amaranth has a bright yellow colour that can add a bit of energy to any dish.
  • HempHemp
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    Price: $8.00 ea Quantity:


    Hemp - Rotini: A very healthy pasta line with the classic rotini noodle.
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