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Crafted From our exhaustive research into natural fermentation processes, we have unlocked Nature’s most ancient and fascinating food.

Pasta Fermentata is a revolutionary new culinary experience with exceptional flavour, superior texture and digestive properties.

All gluten-grains like wheat, rye, spelt and Kamut®, must include a fermentation process which initiates the breakdown of the gluten in advance of human consumption.

It is not the grain’s fault, but the modern way these grains are under-prepared prior to consumption - that makes the difference.

Buckwheat Nutrition

Durum Semolina Flour,
Organic Buckwheat Flour,
Natural Spring Water,
Natural Sourdough Culture,
Virgin Olive Oil.

Farine Semoule Durum,
Farine De Sarrasin Bio,
Eau De Source Normale,
Levain De Normale Culture,
Huile D'Olivé Vierge.



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Buckwheat Flour

Certified Organic Buckwheat: First cultivated in Southeast Asia around 6000 BC. Although buckwheat is genetically unrelated to wheat, it is often used in the same manner. It is not a grain, but rather a seed related to rhubarb and sorrel. When these seeds are hulled and roasted they are known as groats or kasha and are a popular staple in Russia and the Middle East. Buckwheat contains a hard outer husk that is removed before the rest of the seed is ground into flour. The outer bran is high in fibre and causes the small dark flecks in the flour; it is also high in iron and magnesium as well as in starches, protein and fibre.

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