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Heidi and Stefan

The Kaslo Sourdough Bakery and now Kaslo Sourdough Pasta is a second generation family business located in the West Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada. This was where my brother Stefan, my sister Heike, and I, Heidi, grew up with fresh sourdough bread on a daily basis. It’s also where I developed my taste for good, real food.

After enjoying a happy childhood and schooling together with my siblings, I studied business and the German language and history at the University of Victoria. With my university studies complete, I decided to return to Kaslo to apply my learned skills and energy to our new pasta business.

My brother Stefan has actively been baking bread for close to 10 years now, including completing an apprenticeship in Germany. Together my dad, my brother and I created our new sourdough pasta. My dad is the sourdough wizard, and my brother is the bread/pasta production manager.

My sister Heike is pursuing her master’s at the University of Victoria, but she also provides editorial skills and contributes feedback and support from afar.

My mother Gabi is everywhere and does everything on top of cooking the greatest meals for us. Together with my dad, Silvio they make a great team. They are both very actively in our business involved and will still be teaching us a lot about sourdough and natural fermentation. Together as a family unit we are determined to provide a new healthy food experience to the world called ‘Pasta Fermentata’. It is our belief that your first line of defense against sickness is eating healthy food prepared conscientiously by competent people for your consumption. It is a big responsibility which we take very seriously and beyond.

We also have devoted employees that are just as excited with our new product as we are and help in the production, packaging and delivery of our bread and pasta.



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The Sourdough Whisperer Makes Pasta: An Interview with Silvio Lettrari | The Community Baker #003

Remember when bread and pastas used to be a wholesome addition to your meals? Or so you thought. Now with so many people having difficulty with celiac disease and other problems with wheat, the regular bread and pasta products that you’re used to aren’t always welcome at the table anymore. So, where did it all go wrong?

This Community Bakery Podcast presents Silvio Lettrari, baker and inventor of sourdough pasta, to explain to us a little about his sourdough products. Making bread using sourdough methods has been a passion of Silvio who is the founder of Kaslo Sourdough Bakery and Kaslo Sourdough Pasta. He and his family have been perfecting their craft for more than 20 years in Kaslo found in the West Kootenays of British Columbia... Read More



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Sean Rodman

Local Vendor Spotlight

Written: In August 2014, Whole Foods Market in Penticton, BC highlighted Kaslo Sourdough in their E-newsletter and Blog! Read More







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